You might not be a safety champion when….

  • You hide from confrontation about safety by avoiding areas of your facility.
  • You plan to invest more in health and safety as soon as your sales increase.
  • You met your H&S manager two years ago… what was his/her name again?
  • You've given him/her four different hats to wear.
  • You're satisfied with your company's so-so safety record and absentee level.
  • You think safety is a negotiable item with workers.
  • You're keen on recruiting bright, skilled workers but have no time for orientation and training.
  • You believe hanging up that "Safety First" banner means you're good to go.

I've just begun this list… let's see how many more signs we can add; circulate this blog post to your colleagues!

Posted by Pete on March 29,2007 at 11:10 PM

You might not be a safety champion when…...

...When the hospital receptionist sees you coming, greets you by name, and asks you, (with a WSIB form in hand),  'what is the employee's name whom you are bringing in today'?

This website is needed.  Keep up the good work.  I plan to show some of this site's videos to our employees.

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