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April 2007 - Posts

Happy (Safe) Earth Day!

Earth Day started 37 years ago – the same year the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was born. But their histories have been very different, and Safety Day is a long time in coming. The founder of Earth Day, US Senator Gaylord Nelson, Read More...
Posted on April 23,2007

Safety Ahoy!

Safety is every bit as important on the water as it is on land. That was the message I got from a bright young executive in the transportation business on the high seas this week. I was encouraged by his insight and analysis of this traditional business Read More...
Posted on April 18,2007

Bonuses in a dangerous time

Executive compensation (always a contentious issue) without a solid safety record - what's that all about?? This month a mutual fund publicly questioned the bonus of $3.85 million awarded to Hunter Harrison, the CEO of CNR, amid concerns over the poor Read More...
Posted on April 11,2007

In the hunt for summer jobs, can safety rival the almighty paycheck?

"I don't want to have the accident reported… My daughter needs this job to go back to college, and there aren't that many summer jobs in our town!" Those were the words a father in upper state New York spoke to me recently. His daughter almost lost her Read More...
Posted on April 4,2007
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