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May 2007 - Posts

Virginia Tech and now this... school lock-downs are our future

A 15-year-old boy was killed last week at a high school where I spoke a month ago. Two of his classmates at C.W. Jeffreys High School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada were charged yesterday with the crime of gunning down Jeffrey Manners in cold blood in a Read More...
Posted on May 28,2007

Shell Oil tries to recruit Tom Brady

I just got Shell Oil to figure out how to sign up an athletic star such as Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots - without a signing bonus or other offer of money! When I took this challenge last week to 50 executives at Shell, as well as Read More...
Posted on May 22,2007

Why Tony Blair's next gig should be as Safety CEO

Tony Blair is an obvious choice as leader of a brand-new movement: Safety-Respect-Prosperity. He could become the "Al Gore" of workplace safety now that's he looking for a job after 10 years leading Britain. I think he's the best candidate for Safety CEO Read More...
Posted on May 14,2007

Kids for safety - in US, Canada and Oman

This week on Capitol Hill, five children stood amongst the towering pinstriped legs of officials from the American Society of Safety Engineers' (ASSE), U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Canadian Society of Safety Engineering Read More...
Posted on May 7,2007

Anderson Cooper: Numb in the Killing Fields

I'm a fan of CNN's Anderson Cooper, I admit - but why does a young man who will inherit the Vanderbilt fortune keep risking his neck in fields of death and danger? And what's up with his self-confessed growing numbness around the cruelties done to Read More...
Posted on May 3,2007

Tipping the Taxi Driver: Thanks for not Killing Me!

I've seen the back of a lot of cabbie heads from Philadelphia to Toronto in the last few weeks and from where I'm sitting, they all need an immediate refresher at a drivers' school! Sure, we acknowledge that safety behind the wheel is as important as Read More...
Posted on May 2,2007
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