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June 2007 - Posts

Knocking heads together at the concussion summit

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell ordered every NFL team to attend the Concussion Summit in Chicago on June 19. All 32 team's health and safety committees, doctors and trainers met to discuss a growing concern in the league: post-career Read More...
Posted on June 26,2007

Getting paid "under the table" will hurt you long-term

Listening to an angry group of construction and government leaders this week put a new spin on an old problem - the "underground economy," which continues to thrive in all sectors. We tend to blame the government and its high taxation rates for wages Read More...
Posted on June 12,2007

"Excuse me, is this job safe?" How rude!

Why do executives so often draw the same boring conclusion that young workers get injured because they're afraid to ask questions? Tomorrow I could stick a "for hire" sign on the front lawn of my factory, and I guarantee that within three hours, I'd have Read More...
Posted on June 7,2007
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