Oh-oh… your rubber is broken!

Now don't panic, we just mean your tires may not be road-worthy! It's National Tire Safety Week and when it comes to taking care of the rubber that meets the road, '80s rock stars Queen and Elvis Costello got it right with "Under Pressure" and "Pump it Up" respectively…

We've all seem them (no, not the rock stars!) - the shredded tires along the side of the freeway or worse - flying towards your windshield!

Bet you didn't know, though, that little bits of shredded tire rubber are every bit as dangerous as whole tires or hubcaps flying off transport trucks. (They just don't make for as exciting footage on the nightly news as the 18-wheeler mayhem!)

When's the last time you checked the inflation level of your tires? Ah, thought so… improper maintenance is the main cause of shredded tires, and the prime culprit is the under-inflation of tires.

The problem of shredded tires is not limited to big rigs. In fact, one in four cars and one in three light trucks hit the road with at least one under-inflated tire, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

 To counteract this nasty lazy tendency of drivers to under-inflate, the Rubber Manufacturers Association (yes, that is their name! Imagine the crank calls they get!) and many tire companies encourage car and truck drivers alike to "play your PART" (Pressure, Alignment, Rotation, Tread).

If safety doesn't turn your crank enough to get those tires pumped up, you might be interested to learn you'll save money when your tires are properly inflated! That's because well-inflated tires improves your fuel economy by 3.3 percent, according to the Department of Energy.

Oh, in case you're sad that National Tire Safety Week is over in a few days, don't despair - North American Occupational Safety and Health Week is right around the corner (May 6 - 12) and the theme this year? Transportation safety!

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