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Reviews and Articles WorkSafely offers you relevant and enlightening information and commentary on the latest in workplace safety information - whether it's reading material you seek, or audio / video items to share with your team.

We review safety books, DVDs and other products. WorkSafely also brings you fast facts about safety - statistics, studies and quotable quotes - to real-world case studies of businesses dealing with H&S issues.

Reviews of books, CDs & DVDs

  • Managing Safety: A Guide for Executives is written for supervisors interested in taking initiative for their workers' health and safety. This recent book is one of the few out there connecting the dots between the creation of a culture of safety and the bottom line - and insisting that management should be held accountable for safety. Read the review of Managing Safety.
  • Workplace Safety: A Guide for Small and Midsized Companies focuses on the specific needs of organizations with fewer employees and/or less sites. You can also read about the report, Small Business and Workplace Fatality Risk: An Exploratory Analysis Read the review of both books.
  • Safety Cases and Safety Reports: Meaning, Motivation and Management is the title of a new book written for larger organizations. Showcasing the success of the United Kingdom's safety case management in reducing workplace fatalities, the author intends this book to be a model for U.S. businesses. Read the review of Safety Cases and Safety Reports.
  • What's New for 2007: Workplace Safety Trends to Watch, Training to Conduct, and Pitfalls to Avoid is the title of an audio conference recorded in early 2007 by BLR: Business and Legal Reports and featuring a Q&A with workplace safety experts. Read the CD review.

Featured articles

  • The true story of Jerry and Liz Lavalleys' harrowing experience when a fire destroyed their 155-year-old wooden inn in Vermont; read this real-world lesson on how proper safety precautions can save lives - and your investment. Read "Small-Business Phoenix."
  • Have you ever wondered which industry has the highest rate of fatality in the United States? The highest rate of violence or illness? Find out at "America's Most Injured."
  • Believe it or not, where you live determines whether or not your work-related death will actually be treated as such; check out the variances in fatality data collection between nations in "Body Count."
  • Model your operations after the "5S" program of good housekeeping in the workplace; check out how in "Turning Japanese."
  • Did you know … that an Ohio lab just broke the all-time safety record? ... that you can help make the world safer by spending $5? Find out more about these and other Fast Facts about Safety.

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