Alarm Monitoring Systems

Automatic notification of any trouble is a key component of workplace safety

Alarm MonitoringAlarm monitoring systems are becoming part of the overall infrastructure at many businesses, and remain an important aspect of industrial safety programs. For example, sensors are installed to monitor temperatures and flow of virtually any substance in the case of industrial operations.

Alarm monitoring systems are part of security systems for offices as well as factories. Safeguarding against terrorist activity and crime in general, and establishing emergency preparedness in general, have become routine aspects of workplace safety these days.

Many companies can create alarm monitoring systems by combining various off-the-shelf components and equipment. Silent alarms or flashing lights with ringing bells are notification methods, but you can also have the system call or email your Blackberry, or send you a fax to keep you updated.

Leak detectors are an example of equipment that can be linked to an alarm monitoring system to notify employees of such problems as leaking air, gases or liquids.

Alarm monitoring as part of security systems

Building security was the original application for alarm monitoring systems. Typical security systems consist of door sensors with software for tracking when these doors are accessed. Using swipe cards with magnetic strips is the traditional method of access with security alarm monitoring systems.

Hand and fingerprint scanners are as economical as the swipe card system - and with added benefits: your fingerprint cannot be stolen or lost; a friend cannot "punch out" for you, and your fingerprints never wear out or get hard to read, like magnetic strips do!

Numerical input pads are also being phased out as part of alarm monitoring systems, as people forget the codes and the numbers can be guessed at with some success.

Closed-circuit cameras are a fact of life and are a must for any monitoring system. These can be large and visible or small and discrete. Resolution is improving, prices are coming down and cameras are getting smaller by the day.

Remote control cameras are a must for security staff. Even web-based cameras are being used, which allows for easy access anywhere there is a computer. Only a password is needed to log in to the system and see what's going on.

Collecting all this information will require a robust computer system, however. Video feeds can go to tape, but saving on disk is easier and also has many benefits. Redundant backup systems, on or off site, allow for access anytime anywhere.

Computers, improved technology and knowledge have all led to much more sophisticated security systems. Remote control cameras, machines and building controls can all be accessed from anywhere allowing access and control of the problem immediately.

Any or all of these alarm monitoring systems can be amalgamated together or left as separate entities. The only system you will need to leave separate are the fire alarms.

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