Workplace Safety Videos

Machine Safety: Protecting Workers without Hard Guarding

Hannover Fair 2007 Exclusive: Safety giant Pilz Automation releases a sensor/light/software system to protect workers from robots and other dangerous machinery without the use of machine guarding.

Watch the Machine Safety video
3:10 mins.
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Student Videos about Safety

The 2007 winners of a contest among high schools to film the most effective PSA about workplace safety. The winners are shown here, in order of first to third place.

Watch "The Art of Staying Alive" video
3:10 mins.
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Watch "Irreplaceable" video
44 secs.
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Watch "Work Safe" video
43 secs.
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Slow Down, Men at Work

This PSA from the North Carolina Dept. of Transportation tells drivers to slow down when they're going past a road work crew.

Watch the Road Crew video
30 secs.
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