The Art Of Staying Alive

"The Art of Staying Alive"
2:55 mins., Flash Video

Written and produced by Kyle Scheib, H. B. Beal Secondary School, London, Ontario, Canada

Each year thousands of young workers, between the ages of 15 and 24, are injured at their workplace.

Everyday an average of 42 young workers are injured, or even killed, on the job in Ontario alone.

Unsafe work practices include

  • being struck against, or struck by, an object
  • overexertion, slips or falls
  • exposure to harmful chemicals
  • caught in or compressed by equipment

Most young workers that lose their lives work at places of employment with 20 employees or less.

Other causes of injuries at the workplace include

  • sprains
  • strains
  • fractures
  • loss of body part by amputation

Each year, over 200 young workers lose body parts at their jobs.

Working Safe Includes Boundaries

Working safe is just as important as ever, with workplace deaths on the rise in recent years.

It's your responsibility as a worker to handle controlled products in a safe manner:

  • Work in compliance with acts and regulations
  • Report accidents
  • Follow safety procedures
  • And use the safety equipment provided

It's your supervisor's responsibility to inform you of dangers in the workplace, and remember: it's your right to refuse unsafe work.

It's your work… your life… your responsibility.

So Work Smart, Work Safe!

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